Thursday, June 28, 2012


Becky is doing great. She was joking around as soon as she was awake. The surgery went well. She'll be here at LDS for up to 5 days so they can keep an eye on things. She's sleeping peacefully now. She's one tough lady.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The waiting game

I'm having a hard time not driving myself crazy, I just want this out of me!

Candace came over and colored my hair today.  If I have to be in bed for two weeks I can't have dark roots :)  It was nice to talk to her about my surgery because she had almost the exact surgery a few years ago.  I went and sat with her for a few hours after she came out of surgery and she seemed to be in A LOT of pain.  She let me know that everyone said she was in pain, but she can't remember any of it.  So at least I won't remember the pain later.... lol!

Today called for a chocolate malt at Iceberg. Diane taught me long ago that a chocolate malt always makes things feel better.
See!  You feel better just by looking at it!  Go get one, you deserve it.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

I find that with me the first three days after anything traumatic are the most difficult...

This last week has been a very hard week.  I've tried to keep most people informed with what is going on, but my mind has been distracted.  I have had a few people contact me feeling sad that I didn't notify them ASAP.  I'm sorry if this is how you are first hearing of this.

Last Monday my sister and staff convinced me to go see my doctor.  I admit I was a little worried when my husband informed me I didn't look sick with my makeup on, but things didn't look right with it off.  Suzy was a bit smarter- "you just don't look yourself".  

I was certain I had an ulcer or something, but my stomach just didn't feel right and I had a low grade fever.  The doctor felt my stomach, and sent me for labs.  She said that she wanted to do the blood work before she got too aggressive and ordered a colonoscopy.  "Colonoscopy, pshhh".  I was NOT needing a colonoscopy.

The following day I was informed that I was anemic and they scheduled me for a colonoscopy in two days......

Friday afternoon I walked into Dr. Barnette's office to get prepared.  As I sat there waiting with my mom I complained to her that I couldn't believe the doctor was making me go through all of this just to rule things out.  

Long story short- my results were not as expected by any of us.  Before I left the office I had an appointment for a CT scan and an appointment to meet with a surgeon....  I'll admit, by this point I was pretty nervous.

Monday morning I was at Alta View drinking Crystal Light mixed with iodine and prepping for my scan.  Not horrible, but not fun.  I'm not a fan of IV's, I'm like my dad- I really hate needles!

Brandon and I waited 2 long days after that- we even met with the surgeon without all of the results back.  My appointment with him was basically a pre-op appointment going over details of my surgery IF we needed to do it.  He had my blood drawn again so they could run more tests.

That evening I received a call from Dr. Barnette and he had my biopsy results back.  He informed me that I do in fact have cancer and surgery was needed very soon.  

I will be going in for surgery on Thursday and everything will be sent to pathology so they can figure out what stage I'm in.  The surgeon is very confident that it is all in a general area and everything will be fine.  I also found out  yesterday that it is not showing up in my blood work yet so that is really good news!

I feel very lucky that my doctor sent me in for a colonoscopy 15 years early because of anemia-  Something I was just brushing off as life with 5 kids and a new business. 

My fingers hurt from texting so much so I've started this blog to keep everyone up to date with what Brandon and I feel like sharing and to keep myself busy while recovering.  I'm confident this will all be over soon so don't expect much from it :)  Maybe when it's all over with I'll convert it into my family blog that some of you have been bugging me about (miss Jen Yancey).

Keep us in your prayers and please be sensitive with things that might get to my children.  We want our children to hear everything from us first. 

Thank you everyone for your texts, messages, letters, etc...  I feel really lucky to have all of you in my life. 

Love all of you!
xoxo Becky