Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling Great!

It's a new week and I'm 5 days out from my treatment.  I'm finally able to drink my Sonic, I was in their drive through this morning at 10:30.  What?  I guess the shards of glass feeling only lasts 3-5 days- WHEW!  I do feel a little weaker and I'm really noticing the "chemo brain".  If you have short or long conversations with me then please don't judge if I start giving blank stares.  That's just me trying to figure what in the heck I'm trying to say.  "blah, blah, blub, blub, blah"  That's how I feel.


This week is going to mainly be appointments with my Oncologist working on getting my INR's at the right level.  This measures the time it takes for my blood to clot.  This is to watch things so I don't get anymore blood clots.


Super excited to be back working at Camera Shy.  Went outdoors scouting out new locations with Mac and Ray.  Ray loves taking pics of me in awkward positions- I'll get her back one of these days.  Really I fell on the sidewalk and quickly grabbed my camera from my pocket and pretended it was meant to happen.  JK- I was totally embarrassing Whitney by yelling "jump", "jump higher", "now be funny", "not that funny", "stop, now dance".  AHAHAHA!  Here's some of what I got.

A lot of people ask me how they can help me right now and one thing that I know everyone can do is to tell your family and friends about my awesome studio!  or !!!  Really, you'll be doing them a favor by sending them to us.  Our prices and quality are awesome!  AND the photographers work so hard and they ROCK!

Back to School pictures are a must right now and it's time to stop with the same old boring ones!  Be different!


This is the last week of summer for my younger kids and Max starts all day kindergarten this year :(  It'll just be me and Katie now- she'll be my little side-kick.  I'm sure that between her and the studio I will be pretty busy- she's kinda crazy.

It doesn't feel like we had much of a summer, 2 months of mine was spent all doped up.  They are seriously the best kids EVER!  Alex, Whitney and Jessie have really stepped up and have been so much help with Max and Katie.  Love them so much!

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer!  If you get bored just go get a colonoscopy!  


  1. CUTE pics!!! I'm just so happy for you that you can drink your sonic! That was seriously making me so sad. I thought strep throat/ swallowing bricks was bad but the description of swallowing glass was just so horrible! I love you & am so glad you can drink ice again. Can't wait to see your beautiful face. Does Brandon think I'm in love with you? Maybe I am.

  2. So glad to hear that you are feeling better! I am so glad you are able to drink your favorite drink without pain. You are so cute taking pictures of Whitney...that is wonderful that you are feeling well enough to do that, you are so amazing! Those photos of Whitney are so cute! She is beautiful! I can't believe how grown up they are is happening too fast. They are so much fun though, aren't they. Such sweet girls! We are looking forward to getting the girls pics taken at Camera Shy! We have been thinking about you and you are always in our prayers. Love ya Becky!!

  3. I love you! And i miss these kids like crazy!

  4. Good luck tomorrow with your treatment. I'll be thinking about you!